Sunday, 22 June 2014

How to set up and use secure remote control to access lubuntu computers.

Instead of writing the whole process, I would like to provide a link that helped me to figure out an easy way to set up this. Basically, it will allow you to connect to your computer across a local network or internet with secure shell and vnc viewer. (It's all done using the terminal, ut vnc clients probably have ssh feature so you do not have to enter terminal again and again.).

Here is a link.

Here is a couple of useful notes(you should read the guide first:
  • If you are using normal Ubuntu distro, it should have a vnc client called Remmina. If you enter apprpriate details as well as activate ssh tunnel (it's in ssh tab and enter relevant details there), you do not have to use terminal at all. However, if you do not activate ssh, you will still be able to connect to your desktop without secure layer. Here is a second note about the issue...
  • If you do not want to use ssh tunnel, but to connect to remote desktop without entering a password, just disable the ssh on your client and you do not have to provide password in the settings as well. However, if you want to secure the computer that you are accessing, you need to set up a password in the vino preferences (or desktop sharing, which bring it to a third note).

  •  In the guide, it will say to use 'default desktop application' (or something like that) but you wio't find it lubuntu 14.04. It's actually called 'Default applications for LXsession' and you can find it in Preferences. Once you click on it and wait till it updates its database, you will find the desktop sharing feature, which can be chosen by selecting a checkbox, by pressing on 'Autostart' button and look through a list. Remember to restart for the desktop to take effect.

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